Spring is Here!

What most folks already know, but is definitely worth mentioning, is that we are located right on a VAST Trail. That’s right, you can bring a bike and take a ride down to Poultney or walk the trail through some very beautiful countryside.  Or, you can just enjoy a scoop of Wilcox Ice Cream and sit out front on our cafe tables. Oh yeah and let’s not forget that our neighbor is the Birdseye Diner, a perfect place for a meal with fellow motorists. It makes a lot of sense shopping at the Village Store.

Did You Know?

California Zinfandel

It is now believed that the origins of Zinfandel, the most associated grape to California, has its roots in Croatia and with the Italian Primotivo…

Vermont Wines

With the introduction of winter hardy grape stock from Minnesota Vermont has experienced a renaissance in winemaking in the last few years…

The Famed Paris Tasting

In 1976 a blind tasting took place that included cru classé Bordeaux and California Cabernet and Chardonnay-based wines from such vineyards as Napa Valley’s Chateau Montelena…

Vermont Alliance of
Independent Country Stores