Wine with Beef

Good wine with beef dishes are a delight. Sadly, if you mismatch wine and beef, they both suffer as a result. Normally we don’t like hard and fast rules about which wine to drink with which meals, but in the case of beef we can make an exception.

Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz are the three varieties that seem to work well with beef dishes.

In particular, look out for the Serret Cabernet, 2002 or go for any Australian Cabernet Sauvignon. If you can find a cabernet sauvignon merlot mix to go with a big cooked-on-the-bone beef dish then you will probably be very happy with the result.

At a barbecue you might want to try breaking the rules about which wine with beef dishes and consider opting for a good old gutsy riocha which will add to the party atmosphere and for some odd reason always makes beef burgers taste totally delicious.

Which wine with steak?

Our favorite wine to drink with steak is a well rounded claret. Nothing too old because once a claret gets to ‘smoky’ it loses interest against the meat flavours and becomes rather bland. A young claret with a t-bone steak makes a great alternative to the traditional choice of beer.

In addition, if you find a Sangiovese for sale, I urge you to crack open the bottle next time you are having a really nice grilled fillet or sirloin steak.

Of course we all think of beef as a strong robust dish and so strong wines will not cause problems. However, it is good to remember that certain beef dishes (carpaccio or steak tartare anyone?) have subtle flavours, and can be easily overpowered. In these situations we usually opt for a lighter cabernet sauvignon.

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