Wine with Pasta

There is an awful load of guff that gets talked about when discussing which wine goes with which dish. Nonetheless, when it comes to italian food, if you want to follow the rules you will rarely encounter any problems with the flavour of the food and the wines clashing.

Simple rule number one for Wine with Pasta Dishes:

Tomato Sauce dishes go well with Chianti. This is the traditional italian rule (broken everywhere you go in Italy), but it is true that a good chianti will always work together with a rich tomato sauce. Try it for yourself and see.

Simple rule number two for Wine with Pasta Dishes:

If you are having a seafood pasta dish, try white wines such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon or dry Champagne.

Simple rule number three for Wine with Pasta Dishes:

The sangiovese (Chianti) grape works well with rich dishes with strong earthy flavours. A mushroom sauce is well balanced by a high quality sangiovese.

Simple rule number four for Wine with Pasta Dishes:

Try the terrific Viognier wines with rich pasta dishes like a carbonara or an alfredo. There is truly nothing finer than a good portion of gnocchi alla Gorgonzola, covered in parmesan, paired with a great big glass of Voigner.

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