Wine with Pork

For a safe bet, most people stick to red wine with pork. If you go for a fruity grenache or a rich burgundy you will be invariably delighted. A good strong red wine with pork will rarely dissapoint anybody. However, the rules can and should be broken.

Our Wine with Pork suggestions

A particular delight was the Grande Estude Grenache Merlot, 2002 wine from Laithwaites which complemented a roast pork joint beautifully.

A well aged cabernet sauvignon goes nicely with rich pork sausages, and most particularly the herby sausages that seem to be very popular at the moment.

If you fancy being more adventurous, then a white Semillon or Sauvignon Blanc can go well. The apple taste of a dry sauvignon goes with roast pork like …well, like pork goes with apples.

Sweeter Pork dishes and Chianti are an interesting combination to try as well. Once this worked a treat and we repeated it twice. The first time it worked beautifully, but the second time we were having simple pork chops and the Chianti overpowered the meal.

Bacon and eggs are usually served in the morning and drinking any wine except champagne before noon is a non starter. But… and this bew me away when I first tried it, Champagne does actually work really welll with bacon and eggs. The food must not be swimming in fat, but be light and delicious. Eggs benedict, thick dry rashers and a buttery bottle of bubbly make a wicked weekend treat for a special someone.

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