Wine with Seafood

Harry Brown once said;

“The wonderful flavours of seafood go so well with wine. A proof if ever there was one that there is a God and he loves us dearly. Nobody who ever tasted Coquilles St Jacques and Chablis could be in any doubt.”

There are so many types of seafood and so many varieties of wine that finding the perfect match seems a daunting task, so here are some ideas to help you match seafood and wine.

Cockles, Whelks, Winkles, mussels and clams are all shellfish that can be soused liberally in white wines of all descriptions. We have found that grapes grown on chalky soils (Chardonnay for example) often taste best with these shellfish, no mater how they are cooked.

Lobster and crayfish (or crawfish) require a lighter wine with an acidic edge so again a Chardonnay, but not an oaked variety.

Scallops and Chablis was Mr Brown’s suggestion and who are we to disagree.

Squid and octopus are great for when you want to drink a powerful wine with seafood. A spanish riocha with a seafoosh paella is a wonderful combination. The greeks who love squid and octopus chill their reds and white wines when eating spicy octopus. It is a terrific combination.
Oysters and champagne. The light bubbly drink compliments the light ozone taste of oysters.
Prawns and shrimps go well with the most robust whites. Try a young german wine if you are feeling adventurous or a Chenin Blanc for a safe choice.
Crabs are great with a good Chenin Blanc too.

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions for which wines to drink with seafood.

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